adapter for smallHD 1303 and cine13 FH-11

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adapter for smallHD 1303 and cine13 to work with FH systems.

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adapter for smallHD 1303 and cine13

  • 15mm rod bracket that connects the focus hand unit to the monitor
  • fits both smallHD 1303 AND cine13
  • docking postion for handgrip with small monitor. Share one teradek receiver for handheld monitor and 13″ monitor.
  • works together with our FH series brackets for Arri Hi-5, WCU-4, WCU-3, Preston HU4, HU3 and C-PRO
  • cheese plate for smallHD 1303 and cine 13 with 1/4″ and 3/8″ threads with Arri anti twist pattern on the front of the monitor to attach other stuff like cine RT handset control unit or c-display
  • storage position for mounting screws when not in use
  • this product contains: 1x bottom cheese plate with 15mm rod mount, 1x short 15mm rod, 1x 5/8″ spud with mounting block, 4x mounting screws

this video shows our FH-11 bracket in use with our FH-1 and smallHD 1303

focus monitor bracket cam-jam FH-11 cine13 smallHD 1303


cam-jam focus monitor bracket smallHD cine13 1303
silver prototype shown here for better visibility  FH-1 handgrip sold sparately


smallHD cine13 cheesplate focus bracket
FH-11 with smallHD cine13


arri Hi5 focus stand focus station docking bracket
silver prototype show here for better visibility



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