Alexa 35 adapter for Railway plate system MAP-35

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Arri Alexa 35 bracket MAP-35

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Alexa 35 bracket for Railway plate system MAP-35

  • mounts directly to the body of the Arri Alexa 35
  • screws are captive
  • connects to the 4 main mounting points on the bottom + the 5th screw at the rear of the camera for extra stability. NO vibration issues!
  • with this bracket the 15mm rods are at the standard height under the lens so you can use lens support bridges and matte boxes on the rods
  • all 15 mm rod accessoies will fit (lens support bridge, mattebox,…)
  • only works with the cam-jam railway plate system
  • black anodized


The original parts  from Arri are too thick to have the rods in the correct height.

arri alexa 35 best steadicam build with cam-jam railway plate system 15 mm rods
pic shows prototype from field testing, not black anodized

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