Alexa mini LF bracket DTP-12

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Alexa miniLF bracket DTP-12

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Alexa miniLF bracket DTP-12

This bracket connects the RAB cage to the rear rods of the Railway plate system.

Arri Alexa mini or LF need to be mounted to the Railway plate with cam-jam MAP-1 bracket to bring the 15mm rods to the standard height.

This bracket allow to avoid arri´s mini dovetal system and use the cam-jam railway plate system instead.

With this bracket you can still use the arri “Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1” where now the battery is attached to. You remove the lowest part of the RAB-1 and install this bracket to connect to the rear 15mm rods as we are used to with the standard alexa mini.

Works with Alexa mini and Alexa miniLF that come with RAB-1 battery mounting system.

We added threads to store left over screws from the RAB-1 so you find them again when the camera goes back to the rental.

arri mini lf steadicam cbp

prototype for demonstration

A second way to use this bracket is to attach it to the arri Power Splitting Box MkII and just have it on the back rods. That way you don´t need the RAB-1 cage at all.

(pictures will be here, soon)

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