ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket FH-5

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ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket

Mount a monitor to your Hi-5 and get with our ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket an ergonomic focus handgrip and C-Stand adapter.

ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket with handgrip, C-stand dock

  • Places your monitor very close to the index mark of the focus knob
  • The wrist no longer carries the weight so the biceps does which is much stronger
  • Including a C-stand adaptor placing everything securely and safely
  • Handgrip is same diameter as bicycle handgrip – so you can easily change the rubber grip to that of your choice
  • removable anti-turn pins for smallHD monitors with built in storage position when other brand monitors are used

for Preston HU3 click here

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ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket FH-5

available november 2021

ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket with handgrip / C-stand dock


Our ARRI Hi-5 Monitor Bracket places your monitor very close to the index mark of the focus knob.

Some pictures show WCU-4. Concept is the same with Hi-5. New pics will come soon.

cam-jamK2.0037880 Arri Hi-5 monitor bracket

Great ergonomics were the first goal for designing this mounting bracket.

It is a new way for holding the Hi-5 hand unit.

The wrist no longer carries the weight, so the biceps does – as it is much stronger than the wrist.

The Hi-5 rests on the forearm.


K2.0037880 arri Hi-5 monitor bracket
configuration for right hand users, shown with ARRI Hi-5
camjam JOE monitor bracket wcu-4
Hi-5 configuration for left hand users needs our  WCU-4 bracket









KK.0041791 arri HI-5 monitor bracket


Ideally you don´t carry the Hi-5 with monitor and video receiver at all.

Therefore the cam-jam FH-5 Focus Handgrip brings the option to place everything securely on a C-Stand.

Ready to grab and go if needed!

K2.0037880 arri monitor bracket ergonomic handgrip

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