CAM-JAM Cinetape / ARRI UDM Display Mount

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CAM-JAM Cinetape / ARRI UDM Display Mount

Our cam-jam Cinetape display mount is one of the usefull accessories which makes working easier.
You’ll not miss it anymore.

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CAM-JAM Cinetape / ARRI UDM Display Mount

With the Cinetape display mount you can super fast and easy change from one side to the other.

The weight of the display is always at the same two positions, so it is easy to rebalance the steadicam.

It mounts to the Alexa or Red viewfinder mount (19mm rod size).
The Cinetape mount is ideal for steadicam setup without viewfinder.
Also works with viewfinder, just use a 19-19 focusmotor extension.

It is readabel from the back, mounted with a rubber tie to the camera handle.

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