External Tilthead

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External Tilthead

Our “tools free” External Tilthead is super fast installed, fits all standard dovetail plates and is usefull for all kind of posts.

Just increase your best dynamic balance!

Flexibility never was so easy.

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External Tilthead

Our External Tilthead is mounted within seconds between your topstage and camera.

Use it only when the shot needs it!

Don´t carry useless weight all the time.


Mostly the External Tilthead is useful for long centerposts but also with short posts it only adds 1.5″


External Tilthead

Increase Your Flexibility and Improve Your Dynamic Balance!

The locking mechanism works tools free and is adjustable to fit with all standard size dovetail plates:

PRO, Tiffen, XCS, Sachtler, Betz, Baerbel…

External Tilthead fits all dovetail plates and is usefull for all kind of posts

camjam external tilthead tools free

external tilthead adds no weight
mounted within seconds


As a matter of interest: Just check out our Steadicam Tripod Adapter!

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