Monitor mount with 15mm front rods for Volt control box

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Recorder Mount with 15mm front rods for nosebox

The Recorder Mount fits to our QUATTRO Monitor Arm, and standard 15 mm camera rods.

Transvideo StarliteHD, smallHD 502, Atomos Samurai, Blackmagic Videoassist.
Others on request!

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Monitor mount with 15mm front rods for volt control box

low mode starlite bracket stadicam monitor recorder

Angle of the monitor is adjustable, tools free. lowmode monitro steadycam pro tiffen arri transvideo

lowmode steadicam monitor mount lowmode adjustabel monitor bracket steadycam

camjam lowmode monitor for staedicam

combined with the Volt bracket from cam-jam there is enough space for focus motors and lens support

camjam volt mount vibration free

low mode steadicam monitor smallHD tiffen archer M1 M2 Volt

For all monitors with a 1/4-20 thread on the bottom or on the back

15mm rod monitor mount for all monitors with 1/4-20 thread on the bottom

best 15mm rod mount for 5" monitors

Same mount can be close to the main monitor to have a small secondary monitor for return program feed on live shows.

cam-jam Quattro Monitor Arm with yoke
return monitor mount

Multiple hole pattern to fit many different monitors.

Allows to have even the Transvideo Starlite centered although this monitor has a offset mounting thread.

cam-jam Quattro Monitor Arm with yoke
Atomos Samurai cam-jam mounting kit

Basically, all monitors with a 1/4″ thread on the bottom can be used.

Ideal as a secondary monitor under the  lens  for low mode.


cam-jam Recorder mount
lowmode 2nd monitor

Fits also to standard 15mm rods under the lens, where it serves as a secondary low mode monitor.

recorder mount lowmode monitor betz tiffen pro steadicam

Fits perfectly to the ARRI VMB-3 viewfinder mount with 15 mm rods above the lens on ALEXA and ALEXA MINI.

cam-jam Recorder mount

Keeps the camera build compact, while still having an operator monitor beside the viewfinder.

Dual Monitor for Don Juan


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