Mounting kit / Battery back for SmallHD 702

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Mounting kit / Battery back for smallHD 702

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smallHD 702 battery back

Two mounting points at center of gravity, with or without a battery on the back!

Different Batteries (v-lock or AB) can be adjusted side to side, so you can center your batteries perfectly on the monitor.

v-mount battery AB handheld monitor 702
Battery centered behind the monitor

Anton Bauer plates and IDX plates can be used on this battery back. Also the V-Mount plates from Anton Bauer works well.

!!You will need a D-Tap to canon dummy battery cable from smallHD and a V-lock or AB plate!!

This is just the mechanical part. Comes with all screws needed.

!!No battery plate and dummy battery is shipped with this product!!

You´ll need a 90° BNC connector  for SDI in and out.

AB battery plate for demonstration


IDX battery plate for demonstration


works gerat with a monitor cage for smallHD 702


monitorcage reciever mount bolt
Bolt receiver mounted between battery and monitor. Combined with our handgrips


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Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 3 cm


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