Preston HU3 monitor

JON – Preston HU3 monitor bracket with Handgrip and one CineQuick

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JOE monitor-bracket for Preston HU3 with handgrip

mount a monitor to your Preston HU3 and get an ergonomic handgrip and C-Stand adapter


Product Description

Preston HU3 monitor bracket with handgrip and C-stand dock

The JON places your monitor very close to the index mark of the focus knob.

Good ergonomics were first goal for designing this bracket. It is a new way for holding the HU3. No longer the wrist carries the weigth, but the biceps which is much stronger than the wrist. The Preston HU3 rests on the forearm.

Ideally you don´t carry the Preston HU3 with monitor and video receiver at all. Therefore the JON focus handgrip brings the option to place everything securely on a C-Stand. Ready to grab and go if needed!

WCU-4 shown here, but same idea for the preston.


The JON handgrip is the same diameter as bicycle handlebars. So if you like you can replace our standard rubber grip with your favorit bar grip.

With the additional CineQuick spuds, you can quickly disconnect the monitor from the Preston HU3 and mount it anywhere else. Additionl Spuds can be found here

Additional Information

customs description

Kit consists of these items below:


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