Alexa classic / ENG bracket

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Alexa / ENG anti vibration bracket

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Alexa / ENG anti vibration bracket

The Alexa / ENG anti vibration bracket system mount the Arri Alexa, Alexa plus, Alexa XT, Alexa SXT, Alexa WSXT and Alexa LF to the CAM-JAM Railway plate.

The system is vibration free!

The camera is secuerd in the front with two 3/8-16 screws and the hook in the back of the camera body is tied down securely.

Other than Arri BPA-1 this bracket adds no height to the camera.


Alexa bracket in use with Railway plate and rods

Also works great with ENG cameras

mountingpoints cam-jam ALEXA eng bracket

Steadicam ANTI VIBRATION bracket

(Video shows our Alexa bracket gen1. The result is the same with our new bracket, just smaller, lighter, sleaker and cheaper.)

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