Ballast Filter Frame 4×5.65 for LMB

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Ballast Filter Frame 4×5.65 for LMB

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Balance Weight Filter Frame 4×5.65 for LMB

  • this empty filter frame has the same weight like a standard LMB filter frame with a glass filter in it.
  • put our Ballast filter frame BF-1 in your LMB and balance your steadicam or ronin2 or movi and be prepared for the last minute ND filter change. No rebalance.
  • saves time as your ND.3 filter can can already be prepared in the LMB filter tray. This combination fits nicely in a 6×6 filter touch.
  • NO vignetting! The opening in our BF-1 Ballast filter frame has the same size as in the original filter frames
  • fits all series of 4×5.65 Arri LMB and other matte boxes that use this size of filter frames.

ballast weight filter frame gimbal movi steadicam ronin

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