CAM-JAM Monitor Yoke for Archer 2

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CAM-JAM Monitor Yoke for

Archer 2


Our Archer Monitor Yoke works with all common monitor types.

You can use the yoke with your existing Archer Monitor Arm. You keep the rods and tilt mechanics for the Archer 2.

Our Archer Monitor Yoke is fully adjustable. Up, down or everything in between.

Go to low mode in seconds.

With our Archer Monitor Yoke you can now select any CAM-JAM Mounting Kit. We offer Mounting Kits for all common monitors.


Product images – show our CAM-JAM Universal Monitor Yoke – Pictures of our new CAM-JAM Archer Monitor Yoke will be replaced soon.


CAM-JAM Monitor Yoke for Archer2

Friction control mechanics at C.O.G. of the monitor. Once set, the monitor will tilt always with the same friction.
No need to loosen and retighten any thumbscrew to tilt the monitor. Just tilt reflections away from the screen with slight finger pressure, no rebalancing of your rig. Even while sound is already rolling.

Fully adjustable. Up, down or everything in between.

Go to low mode in seconds. Just tilt the monitor to a good viewing angle, adjust your droptime, shoot. No other adjustment needed. Rig stays balanced, static and dynamic.

High position is great for high lowmode e.g. people sitting on a sofa.
Low position brings the weight down so you get a few inches lower in low lowmode with a shorter post.

Our Archer Monitor Yoke is made to fit perfectly with the Archer Monitor arm.

tiffen archer monitor mount smallhd 703

Different Adapters for different monitors are available.


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