Volt to PRO DB 2 bracket

208,95  price excluding tax

Volt to PRO DB2 bracket


Bracket to attach the Volt box to PRO DB II topstage

!!works only if your DBII already has the modification for the latest PRO diving board!!

Your DBII needs to looke like this:

  • rock solid bracket and rods avoid vibration in the Volt system
  • gives much more clearance for focus motors and lens support
  • enough space to plug cabels in the upper electronic housing
  • rods are much shorter that gives more space and stability
  • black anodized aircraft aluminum


with the original Tiffen bracket it was not possible to get this setup balanced as I was not able to move the camera more back

This part installs 15mm rods on the DB2 and carries the Volt

rod bracket DB3 pro steadicam


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