QUATTRO postclamp and rods

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QUATTRO postclamp rods


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QUATTRO postclamp rods

Fully adjustable.

Up down or everything in between with just one Kipp handle.
It is not just a retrofit of an old crt arm. The yoke is part of the concept, so the old crt monitor spud disappeared.

Rigidity was a main concern to avoid vibrations. The extendable rods are clamped at four points around the centerpost.
It can bring the monitors center of gravity down to the center of the batteries.

Friction control mechanics at the tilt axis of the monitor allow you to adjust the angle with just a slight push. No thumbscrews that come loose.

No vibration!

The QUATTRO Monitor Arm clamps around the post at 4 points in front and back of the centerpost.

So the weaknes of existing arms is eliminated.

By taking advantage of digital image flip in postproduction, lowmode can be done in seconds without any rebalance of the rig (except droptime, of course).

Just tilt the monitor to the best viewing angle, adjust droptime, shoot.

Rig stays in balance, static and dynamic.
Flip monitor when software is not able to do it.

Once our QUATTRO is installed, it is all tool free operation.

I set great value on small details that I found important while working with my prototype on set.

The four clamping points are operated with just two thumbscrews. The centerpost clamp is operated with just one kipp handle.

The yokes side to side position is always fixed, even while adjusting the yoke angle.

Mounting kits for Cinetronic GEN2, SmallHD DP7-HB and Boland BVB07 allow mounting at the center of gravity

even with a Dionic HC attached to the monitor.

It fits 2″ centerposts.

Adapters for smaller posts are available. (Pro, Tiffen, RIG, MK-V…)

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Dimensions 30 × 18 × 8 cm


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